Beautifully sculptured windows to instantly add value to your home. As refreshing to look at as look through, windows can make an enormous difference to your outlook on life.

Whether you decide upon Casement with combinations of fixed and opening panes, Tilt and Turn, or Sash windows for a traditional look, our talented team will show you how to maximise their impact whilst maintaining the character of your home or altering the look as desired

- Heat loss & noise reduction
- Gas filled seald units
- Internally glazed
- Compliance with the latest building regulations
- Substantial Espagnolette or Shootbolt locking system

  • As all our windows are manufactured from PVC-u, they are totally maintenance-free.
  • Our PVC-u frames are extruded under a quality assurance scheme and are Kitemarked under BS 7412, BS 7413 and the BS 7950 security Kitemark. They also have a British Board of
  • Agrement assessment report number 1576.
  • Our windows and doors will not discolour, age-harden, crack or be affected by extremes of temperature and are maintenance-free.
  • All mitred joints are reinforced with box section extruded aluminium or galvanised steel.
  • The sealed units can be constructed with a 24mm or 28mm thickness with two 4mm thick glass panels. This helps to reduce heat loss and keeps outside noise to a minimum.
  • Our windows are fitted with Float glass in accordance with BS 6262 glazing recommendations.
  • This means you get perfect, non-distorted vision.
  • All PVC-u panels are reinforced.
  • When a window is opened, it stays where you want it, due to the adjustable stainless steel friction stay hinges.
  • All windows have the option of multiple security points. Options can include four-point steel bolt locks conforming to BS 7950 standards and two ‘SAC’ bolts which secure the back of the windows.
  • Multi-point locking ensures that, when closed, the windows are totally integrated in their frames.
  • Window openings are double draught-proofed and incorporate Q-Lon gaskets on the frame section for maximum glass areas.
  • Locking handles are available in white, chrome, black or brass effect.